Fit for a King

Note: Reading this post with a British accent will most definitely make it more amusing…

We were all counting down the hours until the royal wedding began. What would Kate wear? Who would be in attendance? How hot would Prince Harry look? The dresses! The jewelry! The hats! Oh my! So much formal, fancy, goodness to look forward to. And now that it’s all over, we must admit, Prince William and Catherine Middleton did not disappoint.

In honor of the most beautiful, celebrated wedding of the century (so far anyway), we thought we’d share a few fit lessons we’ve learned from the royal fam.

1. It’s always best to be bikini-ready. Kate Middleton first caught Prince William’s eye when she was modeling a barely-there dress during a school fashion show. Check out Lindsey’s Bikini Boot-Camp workout in this month’s Fitness magazine for some great do-anywhere, head-to-toe toning moves.

2. Hats are hot. Okay, so maybe working out in a top hat is not super practical, but covering your head while you sweat in the sun is highly recommended. We like the Asics Women’s Everyday II Run Capthere are no feathers, but it’s lightweight, breathable and helps prevent glare.

3. Volunteering is a healthy habit. Both William and Kate spent time volunteering in Chile during their gap years, between high school and university. Looking for a place to donate your time? A few of our favorite active non-profits are Girls on the Run, Right to Play, She Jumps, 88 Bikes and Project Snow.

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