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Not ready to race? Volunteer!

One of the coolest things about doing a race in another city is the excuse to travel. Sure, you could stick to the events in your own town, but it’s so much more fun to do them in other places. You get all the benefits of the race, plus the added bonus of exploring a new city. One of our first stops on our two-week road trip last summer was Columbus, Ohio, where we ran a 5K through the state fairgrounds. Talk about a taste of local culture! And in less than 2 weeks, Lindsey is headed a couple of hours south to run the Eugene Marathon. (Beth and her ever-growing belly will be cheering her on from the sidelines!)

Of course, doing a race during a trip isn’t always in the cards. Maybe you weren’t able to train, or you are, you know, 7-plus months pregnant. No worries! Not actually running/biking/walking the race doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Pretty much every race needs volunteers, and you can often sign up to help right up until the day of the race—just go to the event web site and look for the Volunteer section.

This goes for everything from quickie 5Ks to full marathons and multi-day cycling tours. In fact, the reason the topic is even on our minds is because we just saw that Amgen, the largest cycling event in North America, still needs volunteers for this year’s tour (which just happens to begin in our beloved Lake Tahoe!). Helping out the world’s top cyclists in one of the country’s most gorgeous settings? Yes, please. If you’re planning to be in Lake Tahoe—or if you just want a good excuse to visit from May 15 to 22—and would like to volunteer, sign up here. Just promise you’ll send us a postcard. We miss that crystal-clear lake and those towering mountains!

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