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Record-breaking Running Day

Did you watch the Boston Marathon this morning?! It was unbelievable! Big, big day for American runners. The sun was shining, the wind was at everyone’s backs, and records were being shattered left and right. If only we were cheering from the finish line instead of from our couch. Sigh…

First off, huge kudos to our dear friend Leslie, who rocked the race with a 3:35:25! We’re so incredibly proud of you and your super-steady speed!

Next, we’d like to give a shout-out to ASICS athlete Ryan Hall, who finished fourth with the fastest time ever by an American at Boston (2:04:58!). He also beat his own personal best, which was previously a 2:06:17 finish at the 2008 London Marathon. The men’s winner, Geoffrey Mutai, from Kenya, ended up setting a world record with the fastest finish ever run in a marathon—2:03:02. Overall, what an exciting race! These guys gave 120 percent, which admittedly, seems to be pretty normal for Hall. In fact, he’s planning on giving his prize money to The STEPS Foundation, a non-profit that he and his wife started, which brings runners together to help end poverty and other social injustices.

We actually had the honor of meeting Hall about a year and a half ago in Mammoth Lakes, and he was just as nice as he is fast. This runner is truly deserving of all the accolades he receives.

Lindsey and Ryan Hall, in Mammoth Lakes, CA, where he used to train

We’d also like to give a big shout-out to two American women who totally shined today: Desiree Davila, of the Hansons-Brooks team in Michigan, and local favorite Kara Goucher, who just had a baby this September. Davila finished in second place with a 2:22:38, while Goucher came in at 5th, with a 2:24:52. They both PR’d in this fast, fun-to-watch race. And also appeared to give over 100 percent for all 26.2 miles.

We see Goucher and her husband Adam running in Forest Park every now and then, so we’ll be sure to give her a big smile next time she passes us—what an accomplishment for yet another totally nice, deserving athlete!

Now who wants to go run a marathon? C’mon! You can even get training tips straight from Goucher (her new book, Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons just came out).

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