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Get Outta Town!

Sometimes when you travel, you know exactly where you want to go. But sometimes, you just want to go. You don’t even care where you go, as long as it means getting out of town for a while.

For times like those, we have two favorite new tools. The first is one one of our favorite travel-booking sites, Kayak.com. We’ve been using this site for years to book travel, cars, hotels, etc., but recently they launched a cool new feature that we’re a bit obsessed with. On the right side of the homepage, just under the “Flexible Dates” heading, there’s a little box with the line that says “Need inspiration? Explore deals on a map.” (We have no idea why they don’t feature it more prominently—this feature is way too cool to bury in tiny text in the corner of the page!). Anyway, click there, and the site will take you to a big map of the world. Plug in the city you’ll be leaving from, and little tags will pop up all over the map with prices for how much it will cost you to fly pretty much anywhere. You can narrow your search by specifying your budget (from $120 to $2,000+), how long you’re willing to fly, and what you want to do while you’re there (beach, golf, ski, etc.). We just did a search from Portland for $370, and all kinds of enticing options popped up (including a flight to Hawaii for $370!).

Our other favorite travel-inspiration tool is the new Facebook app from Cheapflights.com. You plug in your departure city, when you want to travel (next 30 days, next 2 months, or next 3 months), the continent you want to travel on, the trip type (adventure, beaches, ski & snow, etc.), and the price range. Then click “Spin the Globe,” and voila! You’ll get a destination suggestion and flight deals to help you make it real.

We love that these new features are putting adventure back in travel. Its’ a great reminder that not everything we do has to be planned to death. Sometimes, it’s way more fun to just pick a spot (or let someone else pick a spot!) and go.

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