Happy Feet

It’s rare that you put shoes on your feet that are so insanely comfortable that you never want to take them off. But we just did. We recently became friends with the people over at Simple, and the other day they sent us a pair of their Flippee Microperf sandals to test out. Hellllooooo, happy feet! We seriously have not spent more than a few minutes without these cuties on since they arrived (inside the apartment anyway—it’s still too cold out for flip flops. Sigh.). In fact, we got back from an 18-mile run a little while ago, and all we could think about was kicking off our sneaks, and slipping on our sandals.

Meet the Flippee, our new favorite flops

You know those egg crate foam mattresses that you can buy to make your back feel better in bed? Well, the green microperf on these shoes serves the same purpose, but for your feet. The soft divots create a massage-like effect that we can’t get enough of. We also love that, like all Simple shoes, the Flippee is made in a very environmentally friendly fashion. The totally vegan flop has a biodegradable, recycled and natural rubber outsole, an eco-approved EVA foam midsole, a water- (rather than petroleum) based construction and divots made from post-consumer recycled paper.

Smart Traveler Bonus: These are super light, so you can toss ’em in your bag and get immediate post-workout relief (or work relief or traveling relief) from the bottom, up, no matter where you are.

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