Boot it!

Tonight we got our butts kicked. Our friend Jennifer has been promoting her fabulous boot camp-style gym for months now, and we finally stepped inside, only to get our butts kicked. And our arms, and our legs, and our abs. And you know what? It felt good. Sometimes all you need is a total sweat-fest to improve your mood, boost your energy and spark some much-needed motivation. We’re also pretty sure that we burned a bunch of calories, which always makes you feel better about the world.

The first class at Fulcrum Fitness is free, and since we’d never been before, we opted to sign up for the Fundamentals class, which sets the scene for beginners. As in all of Fulcrum’s boot camp classes, this one is set up with a dynamic warm-up to start, a classic strength session, a cardio/strength conditioning session, and then a yoga-inspired stretch at the end. Each section is organized like a circuit, so you keep moving from one move to the next until time is up. We did walking planks, lunges with biceps curls, burpees with push-ups and rows and hopping pull-ups. We also got to play with kettlebells. We love those ‘lil guys, but we swung our hearts out, and now we’re tired, with no doubt that we’ll be sleeping well this evening.

So if you’re traveling somewhere and looking for similar, butt-kicking, sleep-inducing results, check out Adventure Boot Camps and see if any classes are offered near you. Or seek out a sports conditioning-style group fitness workout at a local gym. Either way, your body and mind will thank you.

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  1. One of the instructors at my gym runs the Queens Adventure Bootcamp! Huge window decal on the back of her truck! Looks like fun!!

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