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What’s in the box?

Remember when you were a kid and the toys that came inside cereal boxes basically determined which brand you convinced your parents to purchase (or at least tried to—we usually failed miserably)? There were stickers, plastic cartoon characters, even rings. All you had to do was dust all the sugar off, and that prize was yours. Those were the days.

But now we know better. Instead of looking for prizes, we look for good, wholesome, all-natural ingredients, checking that whole grains are listed at the top and sugar (the real kind) is closer to the bottom. This is why we were so unbelievably excited to find a prize in the bottom of our box of Kashi GoLean Crunch! Our go-to breakfast is a bowl of GoLean Crunch, Heart to Heart and fruit, usually a banana or blueberries, because it’s healthy, delicious and easy to whip up, no matter where you are. Who knew you could get a prize for making a good-for-you decision?!

So not to knock the stickers and figurines of our past, but this prize was way better, too. Kashi teamed up with Gaiam to create sampler workout DVDs with Trudie Styler, and one is in every box of GoLean Crunch. Unfortunately, her lovely husband, Sting, does not make a cameo, but our free Get Balanced DVD does feature two solid, easy-to-follow, 10-minute routines, Warrior Yoga Express and Core Strength Pilates Express. So for less than $4 you get a 20-minute workout and a healthy breakfast—now that sounds grrrrrreeeeeaaatt!

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