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Is that a word? If so, we’re total localvores. Clearly we have an obsession with everything local—buying local produce, eating at restaurants that support local farms and exercising at local hot spots. However, we don’t just draw the line there. We’re also big proponents of supporting local artisans. We’d rather buy something unique from a chocolate maker in Nashville, TN,  a wine maker in Walla Walla, WA or a jewelry maker in NYC over a big name company with generic goods any day. Case in point: We recently purchased these earrings from our friend Sana, who just opened up her very own fabulous boutique, Sphoena, on Etsy.

The picture truly doesn't do justice to these stunning orange, brown and gold dangles.

We love the toile design on this delicate pair...

Our earrings even came neatly packaged in these festive boxes!

Each pair is handcrafted (and knowing Sana, lovingly so) with decorative papers, paint and other mediums, and then sealed together to preserve the finish. And they’re only $10.50!!! We would pay so much more for something similar, albeit made with less love and care, in a traditional store. This is why we heart etsy. And with the holidays coming up, we’re excited about all the one-of-a-kind, thoughtful, 100 percent locally grown gifting opportunities ahead.

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