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Good form!

Have you ever noticed that when you see someone exercising with bad form, it looks almost painful? That’s because it probably is painful for that person—if not in the moment, then eventually. Bad form isn’t just ugly, it’s also dangerous—an almost surefire way to injure yourself.

And we’re not just talking high-impact exercise here. Even yoga, the most relaxing, flowing exercise we know, can be harmful to your body if you’re not careful. This is why we were thrilled to see a piece in the L.A. Times today that was devoted to the dos and don’ts of yoga poses. Even better: the article was in slide show form, with a photo to accompany each description, so you could see exactly what the right and wrong way look like. Along with the photos and descriptions of the correct form, the piece also explained the why behind the do’s and don’ts, which we found especially helpful.

Good yoga instructors do this for you, walking around throughout class to correct students’ form. But we’ve been in far too many classes in our time where the instructor didn’t leave the front of room once, and students were left to guess whether they we getting the poses even vaguely right. Better to know the basics yourself, so no matter who’s leading the class, you can rest assured that you’re helping your body, not hurting it.

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