Not just cheap flights—fitness too!

When we go to a discount travel website, we don’t really expect much beyond, well, discounted travel. But we’re glad to say that has far exceeded our expectations with their series of online fitness travel guides. The guides were created for anyone who wants to incorporate fitness into a trip, whether that means a quick morning run or an intense yoga retreat. They’re divided into four categories—yoga, exercising on the beach, running routes, and climbing—and within each category there are bunches of recommendations.

It’s impossible to browse through and not start dreaming about your next fitness getaway. A few of the trips that have us ready to pack our bags: a seven-day yoga retreat with Yoga Bound in Bali, surfing Australia’s Gold Coast, the running route in San Francisco that takes you along the waterfront and over the Golden Gate Bridge, and rock climbing in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Some of the sections have specific recommendations of organized tours to go with, while others are more along the lines of travel guides for the independent travel. But each and every one of them inspires not just travel, but fit travel. Needless to say, we’re big fans!

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