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Light Bright

We don’t know about you, but this whole day-turning-to-dark-sooner deal is really putting a damper on our workouts. We’re not big fans of running, biking or hiking around after the sun goes down. In fact, when we see someone jogging in the dark, we can’t help but let out a collective “what are you thinking?!” It just doesn’t seem safe. Especially if you’re by yourself. However, we know that everyone has different schedules, and sometimes it’s simply not possible to squeeze outdoor exercise in during the daylight. So next time you’ve got a super tight travel itinerary or are working from 7 to 7, keep the calorie-burning sessions safe with these tips:

1. Bring someone with you! It’s true what they say: there is safety in numbers.

2. Tell someone where you’re going and how long you expect to be gone. Even if it’s the concierge at your hotel, make sure someone knows exactly what your plan is. Then let him/her know when you return.

3. Carry your ID. Stick your driver’s license in your shorts’ pocket or wear a Road I.D., a bracelet that includes your name, contact information and links up to your medical records if you’re ever in an accident.

4. Don’t go unnoticed! Sure, black is great for going out to dinner, but if your evening plans involve a bike or running shoes, you’re better off wearing a brighter, more obnoxious color on top instead. Here are a couple of our favorite fluorescents:

For runners: The Saucony Women’s DryLete Sportop is not only a glowing, screened-for-safety orange color (Vizi Pro), but it also features a small LED light on its right sleeve (by wrist) and reflective piping. And we heart thumbholes on everything!


For cyclists: The Specialized Solar Vita Jersey in Ion is sure to stop traffic. This bright yellow, long-sleeve jersey is really soft, has a flattering fit and includes three back pockets. The fabric also contains UPF 50 protection, so you’re safe riding in the sunlight and the moonlight.

5. Take a light with you. Either attach one to your bike, your helmet, your back or all of the above. Cateye’s Reflex Auto bike light is pretty genius. It has both optic and motion sensors that determine when to automatically activate the light, so you don’t have to turn it on and off as you go.  It also offers 180 degrees of visibility. Talk about a good night light!

BOTTOM LINE: The brighter we are and the brighter we appear, the better off we’ll be!

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