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What’s your go-to bar?

Everybody needs a favorite local drinking spot, sure. But you also need a bar you can take with you when you travel. And no, we don’t mean stashing a bunch of airplane bottles in your bag—we’re talking snack bars, people. You know, the ones you eat when you’re absolutely starving but can’t stand the idea of stopping for fast food or eating whatever garbage the stewardess is handing out on the plane. We seriously don’t know what we would’ve done during long, hungry stretches of our cross-country trip without the mini Luna bars (Peanut Butter Cookie was our fave flavor) we stashed in Fonda’s glove compartment. Instant, all-natural goodness!

But you have to be smart when selecting your bar-o-choice. A lot of good-for-you-sounding options are filled with not-so-good ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. And so many can pack in major calories without leaving you feeling full. Look for ones with wholesome, natural ingredients, a good balance of protein and fiber, not too much sugar and no trans fats. Oh yeah, and it’s still got to taste really good.

We personally love Luna bars, Clif’s Mojo bars (the Sweet & Salty Trail Mix bar is particularly delish!), the Odwalla Chocolate Chip Peanut bar and Lara bars. We also just tried the updated SoyJoy bars and were quite impressed:


We recently sampled the banana, strawberry & blueberry bars—yum!


Not only do we recognize every single ingredient in these bars, but they also taste like something baked right in the oven. The blueberry bar is especially tasty, and it has 4g of fiber, 4g of protein and just 140 calories. It’s got 6g of fat, but it’s the good kind, the kind that comes from natural sources, like nuts and soy.

So remember–next time you’re headed out of town, hit the bars first!


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