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The sporty girl’s Container Store

Reminder: We both used to work at Woman’s Day Special Interest Publications. Translation: We’re suckers for anything that spices up and/or helps organize a space. We used to scour every home improvement catalog known to (wo)man—The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Home Depot, Lowes Home Improvement, Restoration Hardware and more—searching for the perfect baskets, bins and secret storage solutions (you know, like the ottoman that actually holds all your blankets). Okay, we still do this. But this is no longer limited to the house. We are officially obsessed with adding method to the madness everywhere—in the car, hotel rooms, even tents (we hear people camp a lot out here). So now we also visit backcountry.com and other sporty sites regularly to see what magical organizational tools are available for the outdoorsy set.

Recently found— the Kelty Basecamp Bureau. Nothing will satisfy a sporty girl who geeks out every time she goes to The Container Store more than this. Seriously. This easy-to-carry case holds four separate collapsible “drawers,” each with a space for you to stick a label. Each is lined with steel wire so that it stands upright and can be stacked inside the case, too. We stuck running outfits in one, swim stuff in another, cycling clothes in another and hiking gear in another.  Simply grab the bag you need every morning based on the day’s activities and go. Pretty sweet, neat freaks!

As if organizing our gear wasn't enough, the Basecamp Bureau also brightens the trunk up a bit. We love the drawers' colors!

We labeled our drawers "bike," "hike," "run," and "swim." The handles make it super easy to pull one out whenever you need it.

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