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Something’s fishy

Exercising shouldn’t be so easy, that’s all I’m sayin. You put on your suit, grab your goggles and swim cap, head to the nearest community pool, hand over a mere $4, and then jump right in. 1, 2, 3, workout! No fighting over lockers, no waiting for machines, no sales manager trying to sell you a group fitness package. You literally just jump right in and do your thing. Oh, and did we mention that it only costs about $4? I mean, that’s less than a sandwich, people!

Today’s lap session was at the Buckman Pool, which is hidden in the bottom of an elementary school in SE Portland. Like most community pools, this one has a designated lap swim, anyone can participate, and once again, it only costs $4 a trip. It was also completely empty. Four super-wide lanes all to ourselves. Plus, they have all the tools you need to work on your stroke, breathing and kicking—buoys, flippers, kickboards, you name it—and you’re absolutely guaranteed a good total body workout (arms, core, legs). You can perfect your freestyle in peace for 20 minutes or linger until your fingers get all wrinkled. Either way, we say go for it.

The Buckman Pool on a good day (ie- no other swimmers to share the lanes with)

So if you’re a swimmer, a triathlete-in-training or simply someone with a strange desire to do some laps while on the road, you may not have to rely on the tiny, kid-friendly hotel pool to get your fish-on after all. Check out the local parks & recreation page to see if there are any community pools nearby, suit up and seek out that awesome water workout you deserve.

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