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Lulu to the Rescue

Wow. We thought driving across the country was tough on our bodies, but our first month in Portland—filled with moving into our new places, unpacking boxes, and spending hours each day hunched over our computers—had us more knotted up than ever. We knew we needed a good yoga session to get ourselves back on track, so we looked up the local Lululemon. Pretty much anyone who’s ever done a downward dog knows that the company makes insanely well-fitting, super-long-lasting, crazy-flattering yoga apparel, but did you know they also offer free weekly yoga classes at all their locations? Truly, you don’t pay a dime. Just show up, grab one of the store’s mats, and settle in for an hour-long session of intense, mind-clearing stretching led by a yoga instructor from the community.

Tonight’s session at the Portland Lululemon was led by Alex Cole, who, with his wife, Terri, just opened YoYo Yogi in downtown Portland. (Don’t be surprised if the studio gets its own post on this blog one day. The philosophy behind what they teach is very cool, and their story is even cooler.) Alex seemed to know exactly what we needed tonight, leading us through a series of poses that targeted all our tight spots (our backs and our hips haven’t felt so good in months!). We ended the class feeling like completely different people and vowing to find a yoga studio close to where we live so we can work in several sessions a week. And it goes without saying that next time we’re on the road and find ourselves in need of a good stretch, we’ll head straight for the nearest Lululemon.

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