Behind barres

And… end radio silence. So sorry that we’ve been quiet all week! Between Beth’s due date (yesterday!) and Lindsey’s moving date (last weekend), we haven’t been focused on much else, to be honest. But we’re back. Now if only Beth’s baby boy would join us! Our new favorite activity is going on “labor walks” together. This walk, taught to Beth by her yoga instructor, basically involves walking at a fast clip, while rubbing your belly, until you feel a contraction (or, if you’re not pregnant, until your friend feels a contraction), and then performing a deep squat on the spot. It’s designed to initiate labor. The regulars in Mt. Tabor park clearly don’t know what to think of this behavior, but we don’t really care. Anything to help bring baby Yuen into this world sooner rather than later is totally normal at this point, if you ask us.

Another locally-inspired workout that we’re pretty excited about right now is Barre3, which is a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. Created by Sadie Lincoln, who also happens to train Madonna (if you want two tickets to the gun show in advance, please let us know), this total body training method is taught in studios all over, but it’s based right here in our lovely city. Lindsey took a class at the Pearl studio this morning and is convinced that she’ll be feeling the effects of all those plie squats and triceps kickbacks tomorrow. Our instructor, Amy, took us through a series of isolated arm movements, with high reps and light weights, and then led us into some targeted lower body ballet barre work. Ouch. After the barre, we hit the floor for some ab exercises and stretches. The time flew by, the music was great (Like a Prayer seriously came on at one point, which admittedly made us smile mid-squat, thinking about Madonna’s ripped arms and how she could, hypothetically speaking, be standing beside us in class at that moment), and the intensity was good—hard enough to know you’d feel it afterwards, but not so hard that you couldn’t make it through many reps.

Sadie told us this morning that the southeast studio was her favorite set-up, so we can’t wait to check it out, too. Maybe we’ll even be able to take advantage of their complimentary childcare services next time…


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3 responses to “Behind barres

  1. So cool! I was wondering if there were barre workouts in Portand… Have been thinking I need to start going to some here in NYC. They’re so hard I can only imagine that going to a dozen would definitely help me get back in shape! Good luck Beth!!!

  2. Exciting post ladies!!!!
    Beth – good luck!!!! & Linds – congrats!!!!

    PS, I’m a big fan of “Barre Burn” at my gym, just did it last night!!

  3. Thanks, guys! And love that I’ll have partners for Barre workouts when you come out to visit:)

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