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Three-bie Workout

Three dollars doesn’t buy you much these days—a beer at happy hour, a bag of chips, a couple of tacos, a loaf of bread. Unless, of course, you’re looking for a good place to work out in Nashville.

Tornado warnings (yup, at the end of October. Weird, right?) and torrential downpours were putting a damper on plans to go running outside today, so Lindsey was quite pleased to learn about the East Park Community Center just down the street from her friends’ house in East Nashville. After a brief, drizzly walk over there, she was pleasantly surprised to find a new, clean space packed full of fitness opportunities upon entering. Not to mention a ridiculously pleasant attendant at the front desk. Attendant: “Have you been here before?” L: “No, I’m visiting friends who live here, and they said I should come in.” A: “Well, there’s a gym in there, a pool back there, and if you’d like to warm up before your workout, there is a track upstairs. Oh—and here’s a schedule. You should come by in the morning, too. There’s Zumba and water aerobics.” L: “That sounds great. Thanks. How much is it?” A: “$3. But the track is free.” What?!

The East Park Community Center in Nashville, TN: One of Lindsey's fave new neighborhood places to feel the burn..

Their track—nicely cushioned (rubber surface). Only downfall is that it takes 12.5 laps to make a mile... That's a whole lot of circles.

Their beautiful basketball court

The fitness room, with plenty of Nautilus treadmills, Ellipticals, bikes and weight machines. It also has free weights, three TVs and good music playing in the background.

All this, and access to a lap pool, for $3! Plus, if you visit more than once, the rates drop even lower. The East Park Community Center also hosts various classes for adults (they’re big on Zumba) and kids activities every day.

Not staying in East Nashville? Apparently the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation operates 23 separate recreation centers, just like this one, all over the city. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask us. Our local sources tell us that the neighborhood YMCAs here are super-nice, too, and just as cheap. Go with a member and you get in free!

Sure, you may come here for the music, but the inexpensive exercise options aren’t so shabby either.

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