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To Market, To Market

We’ve always thought that one of the best stops you can make on any trip is the local farmers market. The produce is the best around, obviously, but what we love the most is how market gives you such invaluable insight into local culture. Spend an hour or so talking with the farmers, chatting up the bakers, getting wine-pairing advice from cheese makers, and interacting with other customers, and you’ll learn more about a place than any tourist brochure could ever teach you.

So what did we learn at the Walla Walla Farmers Market on our recent trip?

1. You should always dress your best for the market.

2. But don’t let a little bed-head keep you away.

3. It’s ok to make jokes about pesticides.

4. Pumpkins are cute…

5. But nowhere near as cute as babies sitting on pumpkins.

Now that the farm-to-table movement has taken off and more and more people are paying attention to where their food comes from, farmers markets seem to be everywhere. If you’re looking for one next time you travel, check Local Harvest—it has listings for hundreds of markets—not to mentions grocery stores, co-ops, and restaurants serving sustainable food.

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